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Monthly, your West Hartford dentist, Dr. Haims, will be compiling blogs written on topics such as dental hygiene, maintenance, news and more for your consideration. It is our strong belief that the more familiar our patients become with these topics, the more likely they are to benefit from applying the tips and information to their own oral health regimens.
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Finding the Right Toothpaste
When you are shopping for decent toothpaste, it can be quite confusing which one is the best. Here’s a quick guideline of what to look for.   Shopping for Toothpaste   There are several varieties of toothpaste you will...
Does Vitamin D Prevent Decay?
We know that Vitamin D has always been touted as a beneficial part of our oral health, but does it prevent tooth decay? Looking through extensive studies done from the 1920s through today, we have to say hands down that it does.   How...
Foods to Avoid that Harm Teeth
Taking care of your smile doesn’t just prevent cavities, it contributes to all health indicators. Oral health is a window to the health status of your heart, lungs, brain and immune system. Good oral hygiene can lower your risk factor for...
Caring for Permanent Retainers
If you had braces or other work done, you might have what is called a permanent retainer. These are the devices that are implanted in the back of your teeth, usually with a wire that wraps around your smile, and helps to keep those teeth in...
Common Dental Visit Myths
Many patients have certain preconceived notions about the dentist that aren’t entirely true. Whether you heard it from friends and family as a child or read something online, you might find that your dentist near Avon CT visit isn’t...
What is Xerostomia?
Xerostomia is a condition also known as dry mouth. It occurs when the salivary glands don’t make enough saliva to keep your mouth moist.    Symptoms of Xerostomia:    • Always thirsty • Dry...
What is Fluoride?
Fluoride is similar to calcium, in that it is good for your teeth, but it has an extra electron added in. This extra electron allows for it to bond better to your teeth, making your teeth stronger. Fluoride can reach areas of erosion and help...
Oral Care Routine
You may think you have been brushing your teeth correctly, but there are many facets that entail maintaining proper oral health. There are many different factors that go into optimizing your dental hygiene. Below are some suggestions on how to...
What is a Space Maintainer?
Having sets of crooked teeth is common among teenagers. The causes of such vary – it could either be hereditary or caused by external factors. One of the major cause of crooked teeth is when a person loses a non-permanent tooth as a child....
The Importance of Family Dentistry
When it comes to your family, you want everyone to have top oral and dental health. The best option for your family is to find a dentist that offers numerous services for family members of all ages. There are countless benefits to going to one...
The Benefits of Sugarless Gum
Dentist Newington CT shares the good news about Sugarless Gum    Chewing gum is a habit that ‘sticks’ with many. However, there are others who are determined to ‘abstain from the chew’ for the reasons...
Doctors Vs. Dentists
Dentist Newington CT discuss: Why Dentistry Is Not A Specialty Of Medicine?   Why is dentistry not a specialty of medicine? -- a timeless, tricky question in the medical industry. If we are going to look back, dentistry and...
Fight the Myths Harming Your Smile
Get Rid of Dental Myths and Fears with the Help of Your Bloomfield CT Dentist   Dentistry is one of the most important and beneficial practices that people of all ages can benefit from. Your smile is something that you want to last for...
Vaping vs. Tobacco
Dentist Avon CT disucss the topic: Vaping is No Different from Tobacco When it Comes to Oral Health   There are claims stating that the use of e-cigarettes or vape is just as damaging as tobacco when it comes to oral...
What Are the Different Causes of Loose Teeth?
People of all ages often suffer from tooth loss, which can often leave negative effects on a person’s confidence and self-esteem. It can result in a lacking smile, one that leaves patients unsatisfied and embarrassed. Tooth loss often...
History of Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
Learn how People Used to Clean their Smile in Early Centuries and how Far We’ve Come with Our Modern Tools!   When we brush our teeth every morning and night, we don’t always think about where it all started. How was...
Resolutions for a Healthy Smile
View Some New Year’s Resolutions by Your West Hartford CT Dentist so Your Smile can Shine Bright for 2017   The New Year is just around the corner! While everyone has had their ups and downs, we want to make sure that all of our...
Correct these Common Dental Problems
Don’t Let These Common Dental Problems Ruin Your Smile – See how Your West Hartford CT Dentist can Protect and Save Your Teeth   There’s a dramatic myth that as you get older, your teeth will naturally become weaker...
Scare Away a Spooky Smile!
Your Dentist in West Hartford Wants to Protect Your Smile from the Tricks that Your Treats will Pull   Happy Halloween, from our family to yours! On this spookiest day of the year, there are some important requirements for...
Start the Conversation: Daily 4
See how the Daily 4 Represents the Importance of Your Daily Dental Hygiene with the Help of Your West Hartford CT Dentist   The month of October is right around the corner; the weather gets cooler, the sun goes down earlier, and the...
Back-to-School Tips for Your Smile
Whether Your Kids are Going Back to School or You Are, Your Family Dentist in West Hartford CT Wants Everybody to Have a Happy and Healthy Smile!   Whether your children are about to start school or they’re already back,...
Consequences of Not Flossing
Use Helpful Tips from Your West Hartford CT Dentist to Protect Your Teeth by Daily Flossing It’s no secret that every dentist you’ve visited has told you to floss in order to protect improve your oral and dental health. While...
Keep a Healthy Smile All Summer
West Hartford Dentist Shows how to Enjoy Your Summer While Maintaining a Strong Smile   Summer time is officially here! This means having fun in the sun with your friends and families at parties, barbeques, at the beach, and more!...
World No Tobacco Day 2016
Help Your West Hartford CT Dentist Spread the Word about World No Tobacco Day This Year!   Every year an estimated 6 million deaths are caused by tobacco related products worldwide. And although they are the most vilified, that is not...
National Facial Protection Month
Dentist in West Hartford CT Spreads Awareness of Protecting Your Teeth during Sports Season   Now that it’s getting warmer, baseball season is just about here! Not only for the professionals, but for children and young adults,...
Eating Disorders and Oral Health
West Hartford dentist on the Dental Effects of Eating Disorders   With March being “National Nutrition Month,” your West Hartford dentist wanted to talk to you today about a subject that can sometimes be overlooked...
National Nutrition Month 2016
West Hartford dentist on March (Nutrition) Madness!   While it may be a little too late to qualify for a “New Year’s Resolution” diet- your West Hartford dentist wants you to know it is never too late to...