Dentist West Hartford Common Dental Visit Myths

West Hartford Dental Office Battles Myths about Your Next Visit

Many patients have certain preconceived notions about the dentist that isn’t entirely true. Whether you heard it from friends and family as a child or read something online, you might find that your West Hartford dental office visit isn’t what you expected (in a good way). Here are some common misconceptions to keep in mind before your next appointment.
1. My dentist will think it’s unusual that I’m nervous.
Research suggests that millions of patients have a fear of the dentist. In fact, it’s likely that the vast majority of patients experience at least some degree of anxiety about having their teeth cleaned or having a more invasive treatment done. Doctors are used to patients feeling nervous every day. Dental professionals will respect your honesty and openness about your concerns and accommodate you accordingly.  
2. My teeth look fine so I don’t need to go to the dentist.
Appearances can be deceiving, especially when it comes to your smile. Even if your teeth seem white and straight when you look in the mirror, there could be hidden issues not visible to the naked eye. Having regular digital X-rays is very important to ensuring that wisdom teeth aren’t misaligned and that your jaw is healthy. Furthermore, gum disease isn’t always obvious at home. Your doctor can check for periodontal abnormalities as well as cavities in their early stages.
3. Dentists usually use needles to administer anesthesia.
Being afraid of needles is an extremely common fear, and stops many patients from going through with minor surgical procedures. However, oral conscious sedation is commonly administered through a pill rather than an IV. If you know that your doctor is planning on using IV sedation, you should certainly have a discussion regarding your options if you’re worried about needles. As mentioned before, dentists are usually very understanding of patients’ fears and anxieties. 
4. My dentist won’t notice if I lie about flossing and daily brushing.
When patients are put on the spot about their oral hygiene habits, it’s tempting to stretch the truth a bit. Nevertheless, your dentist can still assess the condition of your gums and enamel whether you say you brush twice a day or not. It’s important for patients to still be honest about their oral health so that your dentist can decide whether or not a more thorough exam needs to take place. 
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