Dentist West Hartford Does Vitamin D Prevent Decay?

Family Dentist in West Hartford Discusses how Vitamin D can Strengthen Your Teeth

We know that Vitamin D has always been touted as a beneficial part of our oral health, but does it prevent tooth decay? Looking through extensive studies done from the 1920s through today, we have to say hands down that it does.
How Does Vitamin D Help?
In many trials, the evidence has been conclusive that Vitamin D supplementation can lead to a 50 percent drop in tooth decay instances. Maybe that’s because Vitamin D is responsible for helping the body absorb calcium which the teeth need.
Where Can We Get Vitamin D?
The best place to find any vitamin or mineral that your body needs is through a healthy diet. Here are some of the foods that contain a good amount of Vitamin D:
Cod Liver Oil – 1 teaspoon offers 100% Daily Value
Sardines – 3 ounces offers 41% Daily Value
Salmon – 3 ounces offers 100% Daily Value
Mackerel – 3 ounces offers 100% Daily Value
Tuna – 3 ounces offers 57% Daily Value
Eggs – 1 large egg offers 10% Daily Value
If you can’t get enough Vitamin D through your diet, it would be important to add a supplement. 
How Does Sunshine Help?
You might have heard that sunshine is an important part of your Vitamin D consumption and that is true.  Sunlight promotes vitamin D synthesis by using cholesterol in the skin.
Vitamin D is different from many other vitamins because our bodies can manufacture it. This process requires the use of sunlight. That’s why many people who suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency are those who live in the northern regions where sunlight exposure is minimal. 
Other people with deficiencies include those who have darker skins, those who take steroids or weight loss medications and people on low-fat diets. 
Vitamin D is just one small piece of a larger puzzle that makes up your dental health care. It is more important that you focus on brushing twice a day, flossing once and visiting your family dentist in West Hartford twice a year. With all these aspects working together, you are sure to have a happy and healthy mouth.
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