Dentist West Hartford Foods to Avoid that Harm Teeth

West Hartford Dental Office Warns of Dangerous Foods and Drinks that Harm Your Smile

Taking care of your smile doesn’t just prevent cavities, it contributes to all health indicators. Oral health is a window to the health status of your heart, lungs, brain and immune system. Good oral hygiene can lower your risk factor for developing conditions like respiratory infections, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, dementia, and premature birth. 
Sugary and Acidic Drinks
Sodas, energy drinks and citrus juices like orange juice are acidic. Acids can eat away at enamel and weaken teeth over time. That doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking them, just try to limit the way they damage your teeth.  Sipping on them slowly throughout the day bathes your teeth in acid for long periods. If you must have an acidic drink, consume it at one sitting and rinse with water afterward. Don’t brush right away after you drink something acidic; you’ll just spread the acid throughout your mouth. This will further promote harmful bacteria.
Chewing Ice Cubes and Hard Foods
Constantly chewing on tough objects like hard candy, unpopped popcorn kernels, or even a pen or pencil will weaken your teeth to the point where they will eventually break. They’re called jawbreakers for a reason. Chewing ice, in particular, can be hard on teeth. Combining the extreme cold with the inflexible object can lead to cold sensitivity and cracked teeth. 
Constant Snacking
Sometimes known as grazing, frequently snacking on candy, sweetened cereal or other sugary snacks can be bad for your teeth. Eating carbohydrates in small portions all day constantly feeds the bacteria in your mouth that produce acid. Bacteria are encouraged to replicate in this environment, to promote tooth decay, and to weaken tooth enamel.
Lack of Water 
Dehydration isn’t good for your body or your teeth. Adequate amounts of saliva wash small particles of food off of your teeth to inhibit cavity formation. Saliva also neutralizes acid that can eat away at enamel. Stay properly hydrated to promote saliva production. 
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