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Doctors Vs. Dentists

Dentist Newington CT discuss: Why Dentistry Is Not A Specialty Of Medicine?


Why is dentistry not a specialty of medicine? -- a timeless, tricky question in the medical industry. If we are going to look back, dentistry and medicine were pretty much together. But now, they are totally divorced. Let’s discover the reason behind.


The history

During the 17th century, Pierre Fauchard pioneered the change between the two fields. Hailed as the father of dentistry, he wanted to take dentistry separately, having its own field of study that is different from alchemists, physicians, or even barbers who used to pull teeth at that time. By that, the very first school for the dentists in the United States was launched in Baltimore in 1841. Indeed, it is a matter of professional independence.


The matter of the fact is, oral care is separated from the standard education system of medicine, payment system, medical records, and network because dentists are not just one specialization of doctors. It is another profession.


In terms of expertise, the dental care system is entirely unique from the medical system. And that made dental carriers already adapted it to provide cost-efficient benefits which keep employees happy and contented.


Moreover, though dentists have undergone extensive training in medical for them to become proficient in curing medical issues in gums and teeth, they are not still doctors of medicine (MD). While plenty of dentists are being called with the title of ‘doctor’ due to the training results of doctorate course, this terms can also be applied to several fields of study.


Removing dentistry out of the medical world causes so many things. Dental insurance emerged all of sudden. Dental records are now kept separately. Oral care became a significant option in the society. Above all, cosmetic dentistry was introduced.



The truth is, the difference between the two is like day and night. Dentists have their own set of duties and so with the physicians. Let’s leave it that way.