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Caring for Permanent Retainers

If you had braces or other work done, you might have what is called a permanent retainer. These are the devices that are implanted in the back of your teeth, usually with a wire that wraps around your smile, and helps to keep those teeth in place. They are the devices that make sure your teeth don’t move back to the place they were before they were properly placed by your orthodontist. They are placed under your tongue, and on the roof of your mouth, depending on what work you had done. They are foreign objects in your mouth, so it is unnatural for them to be there, and they are devices that will hold onto bacteria and old food if you let them. You must take a couple of extra steps to properly clean those retainers so you can keep a healthy mouth. No one wants the great work done by your dentist to be for nothing when your retainer isn’t being cleaned properly, and it is ruining your teeth and your smile. 

How Do I Clean My Retainers?
Well, the first thing to know about them is that you cannot take them out. They are permanent. They will stay in there forever. So, you must know what they look like and how they fit into your mouth before you begin to clean them. Look inside your mouth, in the mirror, and study the shape and size of the retainer. You will see places that old food or bacteria will hang onto. Be sure to know where those places are, so that you can clean them thoroughly when you brush. Getting a toothpaste that foams is a great option, because it will foam all over your mouth, and help clean the bad stuff off. Flossing is essential if you have permanent retainers. You must get all the stuff in between your teeth out, so it doesn’t become a problem. Using mouthwash is probably the most important step. Mouthwash will get into the places where your brush and floss cannot. It will kill all the bacteria that are hiding out on your retainer. 
Make sure you look in the mirror when you are done cleaning. Look under your tongue and on the roof of your mouth, you should be able to see if you missed spots. You can also systematically brush the entire length of the retainers, and this will ensure you get every inch of it clean. 
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