Dentist West Hartford The Benefits of Sugarless Gum

West Hartford Dental Office Shares the Good News about Sugarless Gum 

Chewing gum is a habit that ‘sticks’ with many. However, there are others who are determined to ‘abstain from the chew’ for the reasons as simple as it being ‘a dirty habit’ that makes for messes on park benches, sidewalks and on the underside of movie theater seats. They find it annoying to talk to someone whose jaws are moving up and down with gum chewing and get ‘rattled’ by those who ‘snap’ the gum.
For those fond of gum chewing, reasons range from relieving stress, relieving the tedious doing of a routine task. Gum chewing helps one to avoid overeating on other junk food snacks while enjoying the flavor that gum provides. Some have substituted the habit of cigarette smoking for gum chewing.
The American Dental Association and most dentists are ok with gum chewing as long as the gum that is chosen is the sugar-free variety. They do point out that gum chewing can loosen crowns, bridges, and fillings by the vigor of the chewing and the stickiness of the gum. If one must chew buy only sugarless gum.
Benefits of Sugarless Gum 
- Regular gum has sugar in it that can coat the enamel of teeth and cause tooth decay, while sugarless gum chewing is actually quite beneficial to good dental health.
- When a toothbrush is not handy, chewing on a piece of sugar-free gum after eating lunch or snack will stimulate the saliva in the mouth ten times over and neutralize the acids in the mouth that get released by the bacteria in plaque. It also freshens breath.
- Read the label! If the sugar-free gum has an ingredient known as Xylitol, even better news! Xylitol inhibits the growth of streptococcus mutans, which is the type of bacteria causing cavities to form. With this ingredient, the bacteria lose the ability to adhere to the tooth. Other artificial sweeteners approved by the American Dental Association are sorbitol and mannitol. 
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