Dentist West Hartford Vaping vs. Tobacco

Dentist near Avon CT Discusses Why Vaping is No Different from Tobacco When it Comes to Oral Health

There are claims stating that the use of e-cigarettes or vape is just as damaging as tobacco when it comes to oral health. More often today, electronic cigarettes are being marketed as safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes. In this post, you can learn why vaping is just as harmful as using tobacco.
Chemical contents of e-cigarettes are harmful just like contents of tobacco
A recent study revealed that the chemicals present in vape or e-cigars are in the same way harmful and damaging as those of tobacco or traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not have tobacco components, but they contain flavoring agents, nicotine, and other chemicals. The chemicals pose damage to the cells of the mouth. Hence, the common effects can also happen to a person using vape such as tooth loss, gum disease, or even acquiring cancer of the mouth.
Little is known about the true effects of vaping
Since e-cigarettes are new in the market, little is known about their true effects. Others consider these a lot safer than traditional smoking, yet more research has to be done about it. At this point in time, there is still limited information and data on the effects of vape or e-cigarettes to the human body.
E-cigarettes worsens the condition of gum tissue cells
Recent research was conducted wherein the participants’ gum tissues were exposed, both smokers and non-smokers. It was found out that e-cigarette can also cause damage to the gum tissue cells of a person. The cells become inflamed, resulting in aggravating stress, which can, later on, lead to the acquisition of oral diseases.
Cell damage and death is faster when using e-cigarettes
Another study was done, and it revealed that there is a higher rate of cell death and damage after being exposed to e-cigarette within a period of a few days. The results were analyzed thoroughly, and the percentage of dying cells increases in direct proportion to the increased number of days of using vape.
The results of the studies made might be unclear as of the moment, yet it is something that should raise awareness and concern of people when it comes to the use of e-cigarettes.