Dentist West Hartford What is Fluoride?

Dentist Office in West Hartford Discusses the Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride is similar to calcium, in that it is good for your teeth, but it has an extra electron added in. This extra electron allows for it to bond better to your teeth, making your teeth stronger. Fluoride can reach areas of erosion and help strengthen weak spots.
The Fluoride Treatment
This procedure is when a dentist applies a high concentration of fluoride directly to your teeth. This can be done in the form of a gel, foam, or varnish. Gels can be painted on or applied to a mouth guard; foams are placed into a mouth guard and are required to sit on the teeth for a few minutes; while varnishes are also painted on the teeth. 
Who Can Receive Fluoride Treatment?
Although treatment typically ends in the teenage years, it is perfectly acceptable for those of all ages to receive a fluoride application. As we age and our teeth require more dental care, fluoride can reach troubled spots and give them a boost in protection. 
Areas Fluoride Can Help:
Tooth erosion
Teeth with exposed dentin (bony tissue in the tooth)
Sensitivity to hot and cold
Forms of Fluoride
The fluoride mineral is found in foods and in our water and can also be found in toothpaste and mouth rinses. In some cases, a dentist can prescribe fluoride to the patient in the form of a pill or stronger oral rinse. 
Why Is It Important?
Although it is best to receive fluoride treatment in the early years of tooth development, there really is no age limit to when you can receive this treatment. By receiving treatments with your visit to the dentist, as well as using toothpaste that contains the mineral you are helping your mouth fight oral tooth decay and strengthening your teeth. 
Receiving fluoride treatment is a simple procedure and can be relaxing for the patient putting his or her mind at ease knowing that his or her oral health is receiving the best care. Discuss with Dr. Haims if you would like to receive some fluoride maintenance at your next appointment and call our dentist office in West Hartford at (860) 521-6767 today.